A Dogs Dream

A mutt, a lab, and two poodles gallop in and out of the newly fallen snow. They all take turns chasing one another, leaping over trees as if they were in a dog food commercial. Four dogs, all strangers a second ago but now best friends. Teresa stands near by decked out with treat bags, dog bags, and dog leashes strapped in her tool belt. Teresa calls them back, all sprinting to her side, knowing a tasty treat awaits them.

Teresa Calling the Dogs Back for Treats

Teresa Jurgensen started her own company “Eastside Dog Services”, customizable service for canines. Caring for dogs is not a new idea in Rochester, NY. In Rochester there are over 20 doggy day cares to choose from, yet Eastside Dog Services stands out.

The average doggy day care consists of a daily drop off and pick up. Dogs are put in a large room where the dogs can interact. There is normally little to no outdoor space for these dogs. Eastside Dog Service is different.

Eastside has different options. Instead of having the dogs dropped off, Eastside comes to the dog’s house directly, allowing their clients to stay at home. The dogs are then taken to a dog park or a trail to play outside with other dogs, running free. After the dogs are cleaned up and brought back home.

Pack walks are not the only service Eastside Dog Services offers. Jurgensen is a certified dog trainer who teaches puppy classes. There are also individual walks, overnight services for when a dog’s human is away. And group play, where all the dogs go to someone’s fenced in backyard for dogs that are not yet prepared for the pack walk. Eastside Dog Services works with every dog to design the right program for the dog.

Eastside pups having fun

Another thing that makes Eastside Dog Services stand out is that there is no physical location. Instead, Eastside Dog Services works out of their clients’ homes. It is not necessary for to have a physical location when they are all constantly moving.

“Out of college I got a steady nine to five jobs, but I never really liked it. It was all focused on the way employees look, if you didn’t have makeup on or nice clothes, they didn’t care what you had to say,” Jurgensen explained. “Now I’m the boss and I get to wear windbreakers every day, and still be the expert in the room.”

Jurgensen began working in the dog business, first at a boarding facility, then at a groomer. She quickly found that dogs and helping others is her calling, not a nine to five job.

“A close friend of mine was doing a lot of dog sitting. She suddenly died in a car crash, while I was working at the groomer. I inherited all of her clients and suddenly knew exactly what to do,” Jurgensen continued.

Starting with just Jurgensen the business began to quickly grow. All employees take canine CPR and first aid classes every two years, to make sure every dog is safe. One of her first employees was her friend Stu Shoots. Shoots is one of six employees working at Eastside Dog Services today.

“I went to school for teaching, and I taught for a little while, but it was never fulfilling. One day I came home to my wife and said ‘I want to work with dogs’. I quit my job and started working with dogs right away, and I could not be happier,” Shoots says.

One of Stu’s many groups

Shoots day starts at nine when he starts his rounds picking up dogs for his morning pack. After picking up all the pups they go to the park, all running off leash playing with one another for one hour. After the hour is up Shoots gets the pups in the car and drops them back home. Then does it all again with the next group of dogs. Shoots will do multiple pack walks each day.

Eastside Dog Services is not only successful for its diverse care but the passion the employees have for the dogs. Most of the dogs have been with the company since they were puppies. Maury the lab is the second dog to join the Eastside Dog Services in his dog family.

Freddie a goldendoodle is part of the growing Eastside Dog Services family. When his owner Judith Howard began having knee issues, she was unable to take Freddie to the park as often, but thankfully Eastside Dog Services was there to help.

“It was a life saver for me. Freddie loves both Stu and Theresa who work with him. He loves his pack friends too. Teresa, the owner, is incredibly knowledgeable about dogs and also runs a very efficient business. Freddie also trains with Teresa to work on his reactivity,” comments Howard.

Winter Woods Adventure

Eastside Dog Services has grown so much that they haven’t taken a new dog client in over two years. Also, having overnight care be scheduled out till June.

“These dogs are my everything, I see them everyday and care for them. In a way we raise them. I truly would do anything for them,” Shoots says. “I loved teaching, but this is the greatest job ever, all day I play with dogs. Who wouldn’t want that?”

For more information visit:

Website: Home | Eastside Dogs | Rochester, New York (dogsroc.com)

Phone: (585) 690–5300

Facebook: @eastsidedogservices



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